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Community Equipment

Inspire Medicare Services provides equipment to the end user in Bexley through various avenues. The Community Equipment Service is housed at Inspire Community Centre, Slade Green, where it located to a purpose built warehouse in December 2012.

The Warehouse which includes a Mezzanine deck and dedicated decontamination area complete with a multi stage Turbex washing chamber, holds a wide range of disability items to assist Service Users to live at home with any additional support needed that can be met by the use of specialist equipment.

Disability equipment is given on loan following an assessment by a Social Care or Health Care professional.

Inspire Medicare Services also work with other NHS partners, community hospitals, hospices, care homes and individuals to sell, manage or rent equipment. For more information on the rental options and managed services link on the links.

Service Users may also have the option to purchase items of equipment via The Living Solution Shop, on site at Slade Green or the Sidcup high street location. You can request an assessment and try before you buy, to ensure the equipment is the right choice for your needs.

See Living Solutions Home Page or contact 0203 045 5100

Inspire Medicare Services provide the following services:



Managed Service


Repairs and Servicing

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