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Special Needs Housing Service

Help with Housing
Housing Occupational Therapy Service

  • Provides assessment and advice for people with physical disabilities applying for social housing in Bexley
  • Provides recomendations to the Housing Allocation Department to gain medical priority
  • Assesses properties to determine suitability for individual needs
  • Visits property with applicant to give advice on suitability
  • Can help with equipment, adaptations and applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Provides advice to surveyors and builders to ensure they meet the correct standards for accessible housing
  • Provides advice and support, where appropriate, to carers

Inspire Help with Housing

This service receives referrals from Bexley Council to assess people with a physical disability and provide reports regarding their suitability for medical priority within the social housing system. They look at the clients medical history as well as their functional ability and the environment and property in which they live.

The team liaise with Bexley Council to visit void properties to assess their suitability for clients with special needs e.g wheelchair users. They accompany clients to view the properties to discuss suitability and any future required adaptations / equipment. These adaptations may include lift facilities, ramps, bathroom and kitchen conversions. They work closely with the client to enable their new property meets their assessed need and can help the client apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant to finance the required works.

Close relationships with the Housing Development Team at Bexley Council and architects is held to enable that new purpose built properties developed in Bexley

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