What is a Mobility Assessment?

If you do not meet the automatic criteria, you will be required to attend a mobility assessment. Our mobility assessors will assess you so we can see how your disability affects your walking.

If you are invited to have a mobility assessment for your Blue Badge application, the appointment will be arranged for you by the Blue Badge team - to take place at Inspire's office at Slade Green or at Sidcup Library. The appointment should take no longer than 45 minutes and forms part of your mobility assessment. The team will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time.

You will not need to submit a medical report with your application. However, if you can provide any relevant medical information, hospital letters, prescriptions etc indicating your condition that you may have in your possession, it would help your mobility assessment, so please bring this with you.

Following assessment , Inspire may need to seek a medical report completed and signed by Consultants or Specialists if required to further support your application, but it does add a time delay.



Many thanks for your help. I found the service excellent and your kind attitude was very much appreciated.  


Came for an assessment but was also helped with a walking stick and information on attendance allowance for us. For us, personally, you could not improve your service to us. You all attended my mother in a kind, friendly and professional way.

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Phone: 020 3045 5100

Email: info@inspirecommunitytrust.org

Frequently Asked Questions - Blue Badge Scheme

Why do we have to pay £10 for the badge?

The blue badge scheme is a government scheme, but the government ask the local authorities to administer it on their behalf. Badges have also to be purchased, so the £10 fee is a small contribution the Local Authority costs.  If you are not found to be eligible for the badge following assessment then this money is refunded.

Why do I have to collect my badge in person?

The Department for Transport request that all badge holders collect their badge in person and hand over an expiring badge. This is done in part to try and prevent the misuse of the scheme

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