Special Needs Housing Occupational Therapy

What is the process for being re-housed on medical needs?

First you need to complete an application form for housing with your medical information.

If agreed for further assessment your case will be referred to the Special Needs Housing Occupational Therapy Team. A member of the team will visit you in your home to discuss the problems you are having and to see if your current home can be made suitable for you.

If your home cannot be adapted for you and you are experiencing severe functional difficulties a recommendation will be made for re-housing on medical needs. This will include the type of property you need, the mobility code you need and how much priority is appropriate for your case.

There are three mobility codes which refer to the severity of your disability.

The Bexley Allocations Service will consider the recommendations and write to you with their decision. You will receive a letter stating which band of the Housing Register you are in and the size and type of property you need.

You can then begin to bid for properties using the Bexley Homechoice scheme.

If I am moved on medical grounds will my new property be adapted for me?

You will see when you go to view any prospective properties whether adaptations are already in place or whether it is a property that has been identified as suitable for adaptations. A member of the Special Needs Housing Occupational Therapy Team can if enough notice given, meet you at the viewing to discuss position with adaptations.

Adaptations can be carried out funded by a Disabled Facilities Grant. This is means tested. The Senior Occupational Therapist will then arrange for any necessary works to be completed.

I am an owner occupier. Can I apply?

Applications can be made by owner occupiers but part of the assessment would look at whether you are in a position to sell your current property to fund the purchase of a more suitable property.

I am a private tenant – can I apply?

Applications are taken from private tenants but part of the assessment would still look at whether the property was adaptable and whether your landlord was in agreement to these being completed. Consideration would also be given as to whether you could rent a more suitable property.

How long does the process take to be re-housed?

There are many factors that will influence this. First when you submit your application it needs to be processed by the Bexley Allocations Service. The volume of applications at any given time cannot be predicted.

The case needs to then be referred to the Special Needs Housing Occupational Therapy Team. The number of cases being referred varies.Cases are allocated to the team members whose workload is also variable.

Once an appointment has been made and the visit completed, it then depends whether further medical information is needed. The time it takes the medical professionals to respond, again differs.

When the recommendation has been made to the Bexley Allocations Service outcome letters are usually sent out within a couple of weeks. It then depends on how many suitable properties that match your need become available and how many other applicants with similar needs bid for those properties. 

How does the bidding system work?

Each week available properties are put on the Bexley Homechoice website. Paper copies can be found at the Libraries or at Inspire Community Trust. The properties are listed in size order. Some properties will indicate that priority will be given to applicants with medical mobility codes.

If you have been given a mobility code you need to look for properties that match your code. If you see a property you are interested in you make a bid either on the Homechoice website of by telephone. Making a bid means showing your interest in a property.

At the end of the weekly bidding cycle all those that have shown an interest in a particular property will be considered and the person with the highest band on the housing list and the oldest date of application will be considered first for the property.

The Housing Association who owns the property will then invite the successful applicant to view the property. If the applicant accepts the property they will then sign up for the tenancy, (subject to checks made initially by the Housing association).

How do I apply for rehousing on medical needs?

Contact Bexley Council and ask for an application form for Housing and state that you are applying on medical grounds. A form will be sent out to you. Complete this as fully as possible and include any medical evidence such as Consultants reports. Once this is received by Bexley Allocations Service they will determine whether your case needs further assessment.

Can I be rehoused if I cannot manage in my current home due to health problems?

You can apply to Bexley Housing on medical grounds. The application will be assessed together with any medical evidence provided to see if your case should be referred to the Special Needs Housing Occupational Therapy Team. They look at why you are having difficulty and whether your current home could be adapted to meet your needs.



Many thanks for your help. I found the service excellent and your kind attitude was very much appreciated.  


Came for an assessment but was also helped with a walking stick and information on attendance allowance for us. For us, personally, you could not improve your service to us. You all attended my mother in a kind, friendly and professional way.

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