Sensory Support Services

What are the benefits of registration?

If you have been given a Certificate of Visual Impairment from the eye clinic, you are eligible to be registered as Sight Impaired (partially sighted) or Severely Sight Impaired (blind).

If you have an audiogram which shows you have an average hearing loss of over 70dB, you are eligible to be registered as Deaf without speech or deaf with speech.

There are a number of advantages to being registered. These include:

  • Eligibility for a Freedom Pass
  • Eligible for a blue badge if registered Severely Sight Impaired (blind)
  • Eligible for free TV licence if registered Severely Sight Impaired (blind)
  • Eligible for an increased personal tax allowance if registered Severely Sight Impaired (blind)
  • Registration can provide evidence of impairment if applying for benefits
  • Eligibility for Dial-a-Ride if registered Severely Sight Impaired (blind)

My equipment has developed a fault, could I get it repaired?

If your equipment is not working, or you are struggling to use it, please contact the team. We will eliminate any common faults, such as batteries. If there is still a problem, we will visit to repair or replace the equipment. 

I struggle to get around outdoors due to my sight loss, can I get mobility training?

The sensory team can provide orientation and mobility training to enable you to be more independent outdoors. Our rehabilitation and mobility officer will teach the necessary skills and routes to enable you to use a long cane safely. 

I have a benefit form, are you able to help me?

If you are registered blind, or deaf with or without speech, we can support you with welfare benefit applications and appeals.

I am a Deaf BSL user, what services can you provide to me?

The team consists of a qualified social worker, technical officer and rehab assistants. Three of the team are fluent in BSL and English (level 4/6) and one member of staff is at level 2. Our administration assistant has level 1 BSL. Services include advocacy and support with complex issues, assistance with welfare benefits, booking BSL interpreters. We are also able to support people with dual sensory needs (deafblind) or people who are deaf with additional needs.  

How can I get a hearing aid or a referral to the eye clinic?

In order to get a hearing aid for the first time, or get a referral to the eye clinic, you will need to see your GP, who will refer you to your local hospital for a hearing test or to the eye clinic. Your optician might give you a letter to give to the GP if they are concerned about your sight.

How can I book a British Sign Language Interpreter?

If the Deaf service user lives in Bexley, or uses Oxleas services, we are able to book an interpreter for some medical and other appointments. Please contact the team who will give you more information. 

How can I arrange a home visit about my sight or hearing?

Referrals to the sensory team are processed through the London Borough of Bexley contact centre. You can contact them via the main council number 020 8303 7777. You can also call the team direct on 020 3045 5334. Alternatively, if using the phone is difficult, you can send a fax on 01322 345416, text phone 01322 334716, FaceTime or sms 07961 612135. You can also e mail

The team have two drop in sessions in which you can meet the team and make a referral. These are:

  • Monday 9am to 11am – London Borough of Bexley Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath.
  • Wednesday 2:30pm to 4pm – Inspire Community Trust, 20 Whitehall lane, Slade Green.

For children under 18, please contact the team, or make contact with the Disabled Children’s Service.

Do I have to pay for equipment or adaptations?

The team will visit your home to discuss and assess the difficulties you are experiencing with your sight and/or hearing. Based on the assessment, any equipment and adaptations will be issued according to the outcome of this assessment. At present, this equipment is issued free on long term loan.