Bexley Wheelchair Service

Will I need to be seen?

We like to carry out telephone assessments where possible, however if it is felt that you have more complex needs then you will need to be assessed face-to-face by one of our therapists.  This may take place at the wheelchair service clinic, at home, at another venue if suitable (e.g. at your day centre or your child’s school).

What type of equipment is provided?

Bexley wheelchair service provides non-powered and indoor/outdoor powered wheelchairs, buggies, certain accessories and modifications for wheelchairs, pressure relieving cushions, supportive wheelchair and buggy seating including bespoke moulded systems.  You will have to meet the service’s eligibility criteria to be supplied with equipment.

What is the Voucher Scheme?

The NHS Voucher Scheme is a means of offering wheelchair users greater freedom to choose a wheelchair.  Anyone who qualifies for an NHS wheelchair can use what the NHS would have spent on a wheelchair for them as part-payment for a wheelchair of their choice, which may be of a higher specification.  The Voucher is an undertaking to pay a proportion of the final bill, and has no cash value. 

What is the difference between a transit (or attendant propelled) and self-propelling wheelchair?

A self-propelling wheelchair has large rear wheels and can be moved by the person in the chair, whereas the transit wheelchair has small wheels and has to be pushed by the attendant.  There is an information sheet on this page which gives you more information about the differences, plus photos of both types of chair.   

What are our Opening Hours?

Our opening hours are 9am to 5pm monday to friday and then 10am to 2pm on a weekend. Exceptions may be applied to bank holidays and public events - please see our notices for further information on these dates.

If I have a wheelchair from you, what happens if it needs repair?

We have a contract with a company called NRS Healthcare who will maintain your wheelchair after it has been issued to you.  You can ring them to arrange for them to call out and repair your wheelchair – their number is 020 8664 3000.

How much will it cost?

Provision of equipment is free, as it is funded from the government.

How long will I have to wait?

You should be contacted either by telephone or by appointment letter within one week of us receiving your referral.  If you need to be seen, either in clinic or at home, this appointment is usually no more than 3 weeks following the referral.  If you do not need to be seen, and your needs have been assessed and agreed over telephone, then you should receive your wheelchair within 2 weeks if the chair is a stock item. If not, then you may need to wait for 6 – 8 weeks, depending on the model of chair prescribed.

How do I get a wheelchair?

You will need a referral from your doctor or another healthcare professional (such as an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and district nurse).

However, if you are already known to the service, you can contact us directly without needing a new referral - telephone number 020 3045 3755.

Can I choose the wheelchair model I want?

Following assessment the therapist will discuss what model of wheelchair will best suit your needs, and it will be agreed with you.  If you are not happy with what is suggested you can opt to go on the Voucher Scheme. 



Many thanks for your help. I found the service excellent and your kind attitude was very much appreciated.  


Came for an assessment but was also helped with a walking stick and information on attendance allowance for us. For us, personally, you could not improve your service to us. You all attended my mother in a kind, friendly and professional way.

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